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05 Jul MasterSounds unveil full details of brand new high-fidelity, high-powered modular audio system – Clarity M.

MasterSounds continue their award-winning work announcing a new flagship high fidelity modular audio system – Clarity M. Unveiled in full detail today the Clarity M audio system now impressively leads MasterSounds premium quality product line-up of high-fidelity audio systems, hand-made esoteric DJ Mixers and audio accessories...

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04 Jul Alcohol Awareness Week: Almost two in three festival drivers don’t wait until they feel sober enough to drive home

As festival season kicks into high gear and with Alcohol Awareness Week beginning yesterday (3rd-9th July), the experts at Uswitch temporary car insurance, have conducted an eye-opening survey shedding light on the travel behaviours and alcohol-related concerns of festival goers when driving home. The Uswitch...

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