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06 Jul Exciting partnership between EA Festival and County Broadband announced

EA Festival has partnered with Essex-based County Broadband for its inaugural event in East Anglia this summer. The company is supporting the festival by providing the Superfast connectivity required to livestream the programme, demonstrating the company’s commitment to supplying peerless broadband connectivity to local communities. The speed of the...

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05 Jul Wimbledon Comes to Hazel End

On Tuesday the 29th of June Hazel End was transported to their very own immersive Wimbledon experience, in celebration of the oldest tennis tournament in the world. The lifestyle team created a 'Henman Hill' extravaganza in the Hazel End communities, with themed bunting, tennis decorations...

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02 Jul Addictive Phone Apps

According to research, 91% of millennials say that they have a healthy relationship with their phones. They claim that these devices have contributed immensely to building better relationships with family and friends, networking, and helping to maintain a better work-life balance. But studies also show...

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