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Essex TV is a new local IPTV channel launching in early 2016. Our vision is to reach audiences around the world whilst highlighting and featuring local programming.


Our innovative programming will make you think, will open up your mind and grow your knowledge whilst entertaining you through a selection of Reality, Sports, Business, Local News & Entertainment content.


Essex has a wealth of experience, expertise, history and entertainment bound within its borders and we aim to bring various untold stories alive and nurture new TV talent. Our access to such a community of experts will give Essex TV a brand that will be recognised countrywide and further more internationally – we will use this to tell the amazing stories Essex has to offer to audiences around the world.

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Essex TV is committed to providing you with the highest standard of service. However, if you do have a complaint, we will do everything possible to ensure that it is dealt with quickly and fairly. Click here to see our complaints procedure.