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Basildon Council elects new Leader and committee chairmen

25 May Basildon Council elects new Leader and committee chairmen

Cllr Andrew Baggott is the new Leader of Basildon Council following the annual meeting of the Council held on Thursday 24 May.

Cllr Kevin Blake was elected Deputy Leader on a night that saw a shake-up of the council’s committee system.

Cllr David Dadds was elected Mayor of Basildon with Cllr Danny Lawrence as his Deputy.

Cllr Baggott said: “I believe committees should be doing committees, not talking about doing. Each committee will be focusing on delivering to the residents the services and vision that this great borough deserves.

“Yes, we have more committees but they will be more focused and will need to meet less often. I do not expect that the total number of meetings will change significantly. These changes will make the system more efficient, aided by the scrutiny of our colleagues to keep us all on track to deliver what we have promised to people across the borough.”