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XFactor!! “You’re in my heart, you’re in my soul” 🇬🇧🎺🎺🎤🎼 writes George Kay

26 Sep XFactor!! “You’re in my heart, you’re in my soul” 🇬🇧🎺🎺🎤🎼 writes George Kay

By George Kay

Who am I trying to kid😂.. Cut me open!! & Unfortunately I bleed normal red blood like the rest of us, so enough of that hype nonsense!😩

We’re down to the six chairs.. Yet again sh*t has just gotten  real (sh*t is a real substance & it stinks by the way) last night’s episode gave us the opportunity to witness how well the judges have sifted through the weird the whacky, the good & the bad & hopefully someone brilliant enough to  make us pick up the phone to crown them the winner of.. Of.. Let’s have it right.. Simons competition!!😂

Last nights judges doing the old choosing were the gorgeous Sharon & generally clueless louis (Louis happens to be my favourite judge bye the way.. After Simon Nicole & Sharon😂💯)
After a quick recap of Saturday nights events we’re introduced to the over 25 category, predictably everyone is threatening to kill it followed by a war cry from Sharon which lets face it doesn’t spur anyone on. If anything just adds to whatever nerves the contestants may have had🙈

Que Samantha.. Tears & begging a seat before even singing. Sings run to you. Surprisingly really good👍🏽💯 Louis demands a seat for you while Simon waves an orange at you😂 Shaza agrees with Louis & not the orange I hope! take seat numero uno!

Melissa.. Belts out wild horses, complete lack of drama. Simon confesses he won’t remember you in 30mins, Sharon says not great but sit down, Simon says don’t get comfortable😂 a bit boring to be honest😩

Irina pedyuk.. Sings moma knows best. Wait a minute! It’s not Buck’s Fizz week, there is no need for a wardrobe change mid song😩.. Simon loves you a litte too much take a seat👍🏽

James Wilson.. Bores us with his confidence speech. Sings trouble.. Yes it was effortless you deserve your seat for singing not for being a whimp.. Drama queen 😂😂
Bring on the circus!! Da da dada dada da da da!

“When I say honey” (please say G)
Yes it’s the next jay z, the realist chick in the game right now! Honey G🎺🇬🇧🎺
Unfortunately your version of whatever it was you sang turned out to be pants😂 forcing Satan to ask if you were a real person & Shaza to deny you a chair even though they weren’t all taken😂😂 great effort I love you & hope to see more of you on our screens ❤️ ciao for now ❤️

Sada vidoo the human doll.. Hit us with a linkin park number, you remind of Kate bush (not Kate’s bush) & bjork rolled into one. Simon loves crazy take a seat but not for long. You are not a doll💯
Relley.. Can’t remember a thing about you apart from Simon loved you. No surprise there😂

Will.. “I need this, I’ve made a lot of mistakes” haven’t we all will? If that’s what Sharon is to judge you on maybe I should have chair number 1. Lost interest in your begging you got a chair & got turfed 👍🏽

Janet.. Simons tweet brought you back. A bit boring judges didn’t like your song. Sharon struggled to give you a seat but vindictively kicked Simons Russian bird of the show for you😂

Rebaka Ryan- sorry but you reminded me of a not as fit version of Christine Blakey, Annie Lennox is a legend & my all-time favourite. You ruined tell me why, Louis thought there was something missing ( my guess is it was Annie Lennox at the piano😂) & please stop talking about fighting or go and take up boxing?? Our dermott didn’t know what to say to you! You didn’t deserve a seat!

(Saara Aalto) I’ll call you Finland just for ease. Your first audition had Nicole’s ass clapping for you! (I’m sure both girls & boys have pictured this thought😂) what went wrong you’re not a snow fairy, I thought you gave a good vocal performance but sadly shaz hated you, you begged another chance & fed us crap😩 in the words of the prophet.. “p*ss off!”

Christopher. I won’t be calling you Paton like your mates, you are good go sit in the dolls chair

Miriana.. Somewhere over the rainbow?? You’re not trying out for an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical!! For me that had no place in the XFactor
Sadly for you another none favourite of mine ivy kicked you out your chair best of luck in all you do though. Good person❤️

Ivy.. You are the lesser of the two evils for me take your seat.

Annalisa.. You looked a mess it’s not church so drop the religious nonsense. Poor song choice & worse delivery ” say something, I’m giving up on you”

For me not a fantastic group will have a tough time getting anywhere in this year’s comp👎🏽

Louis & the groups 🇬🇧🎺🇬🇧🎺

Satan introduced his mate he loves to hate & urged the crowd to make his life difficult😂😂 brilliant!!

Everyday solution.. Sing for your life! The prince of darkness wanted raspberry ripple you gave him vanilla 😂 suprise Louis put you through.

The brooks.. All I can say is I can see you both on the Disney Chanel👍🏽

Kayleigh & stefan.. We all love our family that was crap go warm a seat for a real group.

Ottavio & Bradley I love you two.. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.. After being Royaly arsed about take your seat. Apparently Louis loves a cockatoo

5am.. Jls springs too mind😂. You guys are good backflip firmly into your seat.

4 of diamonds.. Love you. Mostly fit & can all sing go take your seat

Tom & Laura.. In the name of the Rose? What are you wearing Laura?? That said the scousers smashed it! I love you, Satan loves you. Take your thrown guys. I hope you win❤️

Girl next door.. Thought you were great sorry you got messed about good luck in all you do ❤️

Yes lads.. Sorry just boring. Yes you can sing but no entertainment or the XFactor..

Get away.. Same you were boring,Louis seems to be having a breakdown & handing seats out like sweets.

Scarlett.. I like you guys, you were good & deserve your place.

This doesn’t tell the full story of Louis’s madness he brought acts back then kicked them off again. Asked the crowd.. then did his own thing. At one point I thought the prince of darkness was going to take control of the groups as well 😂😂 utter chaos Louis I hope you raise your game for judges houses 😩
But then again you made it exciting & great to watch👍🏽 you may just be what the XFactor is all about.. Doubt it like, but just maybe😂😂

if Louis Walsh offers you a seat during the week run for your life & don’t look back🙈
I’ve been George Kay Never believe what you read & don’t take life to seriously.. Nobody has ever survived it😀
Until next time 👍🏽