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Work completes on 20 new shared ownership apartments in Basildon for key workers

08 Aug Work completes on 20 new shared ownership apartments in Basildon for key workers

The leader of Basildon Council has welcomed the completion of 20 new apartments which are available for the borough’s keyworkers and residents.

Sempra Homes, the council’s house building company, began work to build the new homes last summer. Leader of Basildon Council Councillor Gavin Callaghan attended the site in Long Lynderswood, Lee Chapel North, on Thursday 8 August, alongside Sempra Homes officers and contractors to mark the completion of works. The new homes, which will be known as Maplewood Court, include a development of 20 two-bedroom shared ownership apartments along with car and cycle parking and associated landscaping.

They will be marketed specifically to local key workers like teachers, nurses and police officers and borough residents on a shared ownership basis. Cllr Callaghan said: “We are clear that we must build more houses to help more people from Basildon get into a home of their own. The council is serious about delivering on that promise. These apartments are a welcome addition to the town and I am very proud they will be made available exclusively to the borough’s key workers and residents. This is a Basildon first approach to our allocations policy, to ensure our local residents have a future in the town.

“This is a smart development by Sempra on a patch of previously wasted land that adds value to the area. Sempra was set up with the aim of building high-quality and affordable homes for our residents and we are delivering. Our task now is to accelerate more housing delivery through Sempra and we will be bringing forward more planning applications this year so we can get shovels in the ground as soon as possible. “I am also pleased these homes were being built by Wickford-based company, Indecon Building Ltd, which has a workforce predominantly made up of borough residents.”

Melanie Keys, Manager of Sempra Homes, added: “We are really proud to bring this new development to the market which is a testament to the hard work of the team. Our shared ownership homes will provide opportunities to purchase a share in a home where outright purchase is not affordable. Through our shared ownership programme we are working alongside the Government’s Help to Buy scheme, enabling residents to purchase an initial share of their home with an option to buy further shares as they can afford to do so.” Sempra Homes, which was set up by Basildon Council as an independent company, is committed to delivering properties across the borough and will provide a variety of different tenures including affordable rent, shared ownership, market rent and market sale