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When will TOWIE be returning to our screens?

13 May When will TOWIE be returning to our screens?

When will TOWIE be returning to our screens?

The long-running reality show-come-soap was set to return for an astonishing 30th season this year, but fans have been left wanting as its anticipated release date of March 2022 came and went without the return of our favourite stars to our screens! Many fans were left wondering what had happened – has it been cancelled? Will we ever see TOWIE again? What will become of poor little Joey Essex? Well never fear TOWIE fans as we’re here to give you the lowdown on the return of your favourite show to your tv screens.


It all started back in January when we heard rumours from the cast and crew that the filming of the latest series had been delayed. Show stars Dani Imbert and Chloe Brockett had said that the cast was supposed to be back together and filming as early as March but even that date had been pushed back. These rumours were later confirmed by the host channel ITV as well as the show’s production company Lime Pictures who issued a statement “Owing to ongoing challenges posed by Covid, the forthcoming series of The Only Way Is Essex will now be postponed until later in the year”.


Bummer. That’s not what fans want to hear – especially as there was no commitment to a refilming date, only “later in the year”. However, Chloe Brockett came to our rescue later on in March as she confirmed that she is scheduled to be back filming in June – not July as she originally said – get your head together Chloe! She also stated that this season will definitely be worth the wait. Part of the reason it was delayed is that the whole cast and crew wanted to film without Covid restrictions and be able to stand next to and interact with each other more naturally. There are also plans for a trip abroad which is made harder by travel restrictions so the decision was made to postpone filming until a time when they could do everything they wanted.


Rumour has it that the big bosses have major plans for the show’s comeback – with Dubai being proposed as the location for the gang’s trip abroad. Could you imagine? The TOWIE gang in Dubai? That would definitely be worth the wait! A TV insider was asked about the proposed plans and they said “Dubai is at the top of their list and unsurprisingly the cast are hoping it works out. Either way, they all just want to get back to shooting the show”. That’s what we want too!


So, with filming scheduled for June, it’s reasonable to assume that we’ll see it back on our screens towards the end of the year. That leaves us so much time until we can find out what’s been happening with our favourite South London group – what are we going to do in the meantime? Well, we could endlessly scroll through the Instas of our stars in the hopes of getting some behind-the-scenes tidbits, or we could check out what’s been happening with other reality TV stars and see how buff Rylan Clarke has been getting!


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Even though a few months might seem like a long time before we get to see our favourite cast of characters, we can take solace in the fact that season 30 of TOWIE is on its way and it promises to be the best one yet.