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TV presenter, Rylan Clarke has transformed his physique and mental wellbeing by taking part in The Six Pack Revolution programme, a 75-day plan guided with 1:1 sessions by founder Scott Harrison.

Participants of The Six Pack Revolution are told what to eat and drink, must complete a daily exercise regime and, in a move to add accountability, must upload a picture/video to a Facebook group as evidence. The exercises are short but highly effective, taking 10-15 minutes per day with two sessions of 30 minutes a week.

Scott worked closely with Rylan, mentoring him, and encouraging him to keep going through an often-challenging process. Scott trained Rylan at his home in Essex, working around his busy work schedule and provided 24/7 support and coaching. Scott ensured Rylan had all the answers he needed when unsure of what foods to eat to help maintain his physique, whilst on the go filming.

Rylan ditched alcohol and began eating lots more delicious, healthy food combined with The Six Pack Revolution Meal Replacement and Post Workout smoothies with an increased clean calorie intake whilst balancing all of his macronutrients.

In order to change Rylans body shape, Scott combined lots of weight training with some beer barrel work and a little boxing, which firstly created much more width and size to his back. He then began to build every other area focusing on strong shoulders, pecs and biceps and finishing by bringing his abs out. Rylan’s abs gained 1st 5lb and measuring around his back and chest he’s increased by 4” plus.

Rylan said, “Fitness and taking care of my body is always something I’ve wanted to do but never felt I’d be able to. Since meeting Scott and following The Six Pack Revolution plan it really has changed my life. My attitude to exercise has done a complete u-turn and I am now much more aware of the nutritional benefits of food, which has resulted in me making more conscious decisions on what I’m consuming. Not only has my body transformed but my mental health has massively improved too, I’m literally a new man! I’ve always worried about taking this step but it really has improved me for the better. Scott, alongside his team, have been so helpful and held my hand the whole way. I really can’t thank Scott enough for his guidance and belief in me and for changing my life, not only physically but also mentally too. Honestly, If I can do this then anyone reading this can too. My advice is to just take that first step to love and care for yourself before you put someone else ahead of you.”

Scott Harrison added, “Wow what a ride! I have spent 75 days with the most loveliest man you will ever meet. We’ve had laughter, we’ve had tears and we’ve worked around filming schedules, tv shows and a new set of teeth! Most importantly we have worked on overcoming the obstacles to achieve a new body and mind that is strong, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Rylan, of course had to initially completely change the way he ate and drank. Ditching the alcohol and focusing on eating lots more delicious, healthy food to build strength and muscle. I hugely increased his clean calorie intake and balanced all of his macronutrients. His exercise plan consisted of a combination of weight training with some beer barrel work and a little boxing. I focused on changing the shape of his body initially, by creating much more width and size to his back, of which has turned out to be is his most natural body part for muscle growth (yes I’m envious). I then began to build every other area focusing on strong shoulders, chest and biceps and finishing nicely by bringing those abs out.

Rylan has gained 1st 5lb in weight and measuring around his back and chest he has increased his size by over 4 inches. Although Rylan may have cursed me many a time, when you go on a life changing journey like this with someone, you cannot help but become very close and I am truly blessed to have made a very loving friend. Watch this space….. as this is just the beginning of Rylan’s transformation as we continue to progress and move forward.”