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Everybody loves a good tune, that’s a given, but the sad truth is that no matter how good the music, it needs adequate promotion, in order to reach new listeners and help the artist grow. And that’s where music promotion companies come into play. We have a tendency of attributing success to an artist, their talent, sound, etc. But in truth, a lot of that success comes from their PR firm, and perhaps one of the most creative and talented music PR companies on the scene today is MegaBuzz Music Promotions.

MegaBuzz have won several distinguished titles, such as the two prizes at the prestigious 2019 Essex Music Awards in the United Kingdom, earning the names of ‘Radio Promotions Company of the Year’ and  ‘Music Promotions Agency of the Year’.

And as if that wasn’t enough to recommend the excellent services, the company boasts an impressive list of past collaborations, both with huge record labels, such as Republic Records and Polydor, and big-name artists, among which Rod Stewart, Van Morrison and Kiss.

Indeed, one of their most successful campaigns was that for Nickelback’s hit track, ‘Rockstar’, which is well-known and played on most music channels and radio stations even today, fifteen years after its’ original release, which definitely attests MegaBuzz Music’s promotional skills.

With a truly impressive list of accolades at its’ back, MegaBuzz Music has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and has led some impressive campaigns for artists such as Snoop Dog, Sean Kingston, Sean Paul and Radiohead, just to name a few. In a relatively short time-span of ten years, MegaBuzz have managed to become one of the leading names in the business and showcase their talent through highly-creative campaigns.

One of the most impressive services that MegaBuzz offers is working with artists to create unique and eye-catching themed publicity that has helped boost already existing careers that were in a bit of a slump, as well as sky-rocket emerging artists to the top.

Founded by Victor Hart in 2010, already bearing great experience and a remarkable background in the field, MegaBuzz Music has been appreciated by highly-reputable publications, such as The Guardian, the Sunday Times and the DailyMail. One of the things that a PR company most desperately needs is vision. People don’t need to have the same old tired campaign that’s been circulating for fifty years, they need new and innovative themes that will grab potential listeners’ attention and spark their interest. And MegaBuzz has that. With Hart’s brilliant mind at the very base of it, MegaBuzz has showed their understanding both of what the public wants as well as the high-pressure world of the music industry, thus creating a wonderful bridge between artists and their fans.

As far as music PR agencies go, MegaBuzz Music Promotions has all the recommendations one can wish for – high-end, successful clients, top press contacts and appreciation and most importantly, stand-out vision. Judging by their impressive past, it is clear that the next few years will see the company achieve even more reputable accolades and great successes.

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