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With the aim of encouraging A-level students to seek further help with university applications — for which the process is increasingly competitive — Tutor House is offering a free personal statement review service for 16 to 18-year-olds.

Competition for university places is more rigorous than ever. While A-levels once held pride of place as universities’ preferred means of differentiating candidates, the steady rise in sixth form pupils achieving high grades has forced admissions officers to rethink their approach.

Now predicted grades just aren’t enough to prove students have what it takes to secure a place at

university. Without the exams taking place or effective grading systems, it all relies on how good your

personal statement is.

Founder and CEO of the online tuition company, Alex Dyer, shared his thoughts on the admissions

Process. He said: “Admissions officers are cut-throat and know exactly what they’re looking for. Couple that with the fact that it’s even more competitive for kids to get the grades – it’s going to be a nightmare for them!”

Tutor House, London’s top provider of online and in-person tuition, is launching a free personal statement service. They hope that this innovation will encourage students from a vast range of backgrounds to focus on producing high-quality personal statements. In doing so, they can aim for top university admission and counteract the setbacks of predicted grades.

When asked why a personal statement is so important, Alex explained: “Writing the personal statement is the hardest part. Like, what do you include? How do you start? A lot of students stumble at the first hurdle because they want to make a good impression proving they are good candidates. Otherwise they’ll be rejected. So there’s a lot of pressure riding on it.”

Similar services exist within other educational organisations but notably, charge substantial fees. Surely this service is expensive? Dyer responded, saying: “Normally, yes. You can expect to pay £100 a pop to get a personal statement review. We’ve launched this free service to thwart the trying times of the last 18 months and widen opportunities for all.”

University hopefuls need to consult experts in the personal statement field. This is to maximise their chances of being noticed in a crowd of other ambitious, well-performing individuals.

To access this service, students just need to enter their details (name, email address) and upload their personal statement draft to the Tutor House website. This won’t be shared with anyone! All data is protected. Expert tutors will then review and contact the students with detailed feedback and advice within 24 hours.