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Turtle Bay is coming to Colchester!

13 Nov Turtle Bay is coming to Colchester!

Colchester can expect a tropical Christmas this year, as Caribbean restaurant and bar Turtle Bay rolls into town! The brand will be bringing their trademark jerk spices, sunshine-inspired cocktails, and island spirit to the town with a new restaurant opening on 4th December in Greytown House on High Street.

There has been an £800k investment in the 5500 sqft site, the transformation of which will reveal a stunning 160 seater restaurant. Fifty new local jobs have also been created.

Turtle Bay is all about celebrating the lively, colourful, soulful and delicious experiences that the Caribbean has to offer – from rich and explosive flavours to laid back ‘liming’.

Food is at the heart of the Turtle Bay experience – just as it’s central to the heart and soul of Caribbean culture. An eclectic cuisine that is influenced by a rich tapestry of ethnicities, the food at Turtle Bay offers a vast choice of bold flavours and rustic dishes, all inspired by the laid back, social outlook of the Caribbean. The menu is meticulously researched and lovingly created.