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The Tilbury on Thames Trust has taken delivery of two new simulators

26 Feb The Tilbury on Thames Trust has taken delivery of two new simulators

The Tilbury on Thames Trust has taken delivery of two new simulators to deliver the ‘Attention to Logistics’ training programme.

‘Attention to logistics’ is a new initiative by the Tilbury on Thames Trust to provide training opportunities for service veterans to attain jobs in the logistics industry following their exit from the armed forces.  The programme is being funded by a grant of £750,000 from the Government and supported by the Port of Tilbury.  The Government funding comes from LIBOR fines which the Government decided should be used to fund initiatives to support army veterans.

Jackie said, “The logistics sector is crying out for the skills learned by our service personnel, but too often those leaving the services are not aware of the job opportunities open to them.

The money made available to us has enabled us to buy these new simulators and run courses in a newly equipped technology suite at Tilbury in the old railway station premises.  We want to offer the best training available and these simulators will enable people to have a go in a risk free environment.

There are two simulators. One is currently housed in the Logistics Academy at Tilbury.  I have had a go and it is amazing.

But the best is yet to come.  The second simulator will be even better.

I hope this facility will provide an opportunity for veterans to learn the skills which equip them with the opportunity to find a new career.  It will also offer the opportunity for us to showcase the opportunities in the sector to local schools so that they can see the career opportunities in our Ports.

“I am very proud that we have been able to deliver this in such a short space of time and I am grateful to the Port of Tilbury for their support in delivering this.  It just goes to show.  The public sector has been talking about a logistics academy for Thurrock for many years.  In the meantime, not only has Port of Tilbury delivered one, they are also delivering this excellent training facility with state of the art technology for people to learn from.  My thanks to all involved in the Tilbury on Thames Trust. I look forward to the technology suite being open”