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The open letter to Uttlesford

03 Feb The open letter to Uttlesford

Residents and Workers of Uttlesford, 

We, the young people of Uttlesford, demand that immediate action is taken by the district council to protect the future of our ecology and environment. In light of the recent declaration of a climate crisis by the Uttlesford District Council, we urge the reversal of drastic amendments that have watered down the bill and made it solely symbolic, in preference of a more ambitious program that truly protects our area, and secures the right of future generations to enjoy it. The Strike for Solutions is an effort to rally support from across all parishes in Uttlesford, and beyond. All those who want to stand against climate change, inefficient waste disposal, inhumane murder of our wildlife, and other key issues, join us. We may not be able to solve the world’s climate crisis, but as a united district, we can start to make a difference.  

On the 14th of February from 12:30 at Saffron Walden Town Hall, the young and the elderly, the ideological opposites, and all members of our community, will take to the streets in solidarity to support our united appeal that the Uttlesford District Council must act upon itsdeclared climate emergency swiftly and effectively. The un-obstructive and passive strike will be recognised by many, but unlike various strikes before this one, our community won’t suffer the inconvenience of road closures, or exposure to the negativity surrounding strikes.  We aim to demonstrate that peace will make the difference.

The young people of Uttlesford implore you to join us… make a stand… let’s strike for a future… let’s strike for solutions. 


The worried youth.