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The only way is up for rescue pony Gerald

31 May The only way is up for rescue pony Gerald

A foal who was ‘lucky to be alive’ when he was rescued by the RSPCA celebrated his miraculous transformation with a visit from animal champion, Pete Wicks.

Despite a shaky start in life, plucky pony Gerald landed on his hooves thanks to the RSPCA – and recently won the heart of TV’s Pete Wicks (pictured top) who is now encouraging fellow animal lovers to help the RSPCA rescue more animals in need.

Pete met his new pony pal this month during a visit to RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre in Kent, and saw first-hand his amazing recovery.

RSPCA Ambassador Pete said: “Meeting Gerald was amazing, he’s such an amazing little pony with a big personality. I was shocked to see the photos and hear the details of when he was found abandoned and so close to death. It’s so important people understand the scale of the work the RSPCA does day in day out to save the lives of animals like Gerald.

“One way people can help the RSPCA this week is by entering the Omaze Million Pound House Draw. It’s the final few days of the competition this week, and it’s an easy way for people to help the RSPCA rescue and change the lives of animals like Gerald – and, it might just change their life too!”

RSPCA rescuers were called out to the little skewbald pony who’d been dumped in a field (pictured right) on Leatherhead Road in Chessington last summer (2021), after a member of the public had spotted him in need of help. He was nicknamed Gerald by RSPCA Inspector Andrew Kirby who came to the stricken pony’s help. Gerald underwent several weeks of ongoing veterinary treatment for the neglect he had suffered, including overgrown and cracked hooves, a dry and uncomfortable skin condition, as well as serious malnourishment. Following his visit from Pete, he has now gone on to start a new life at Bransby Horses, a specialist equine charity in Lincoln.

The latest Omaze Million Pound House Draw will offer one lucky person the chance to own a stunning £3,500,000 six-bedroom house, with panoramic views of the idyllic Cotswolds countryside.

The money raised through the Cotswold House Draw will help RSPCA inspectors be there for even more abused, abandoned and neglected animals, when they need their help the most.

This innovative fundraising campaign with Omaze will give the charity a minimum of £100,000 guaranteed and has a target raise of £500,000.

What could donations raise for the RSPCA?

● The RSPCA’s national call centre receives a call every 30 seconds about an animal at risk of cruelty. If the Omaze Draw raised £1million, that could go towards paying for our front-line inspectors and rescue officers to reach vulnerable animals when they need us the most.
● Raising £500,000 could go towards paying for the RSPCA to answer calls to the RSPCA’s national cruelty line from members of the public who were concerned about an animal.
● If the Cotswold House Draw were to raise £100,000 for the RSPCA that could go towards the cost of running one of our RSPCA animal centres.

The luxury 10,000 sq ft home comes furnished and includes a state-of-the-art kitchen, en suite bathrooms, heated outdoor pool, tennis court, sauna, gym and cinema room. There is just under two acres of outdoor space, complete with a pond, waterfall and private woodland.

Draw entries for the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, Cotswolds are now available at The draw closes on June 5th 2022 for online entries and 7th June for postal entries.