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Stephen Metcalfe MP asks Organisations to become Dementia Friendly

28 Mar Stephen Metcalfe MP asks Organisations to become Dementia Friendly

Stephen Metcalfe, Member of Parliament for South Basildon and East Thurrock, has teamed up with Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) to raise awareness and increase understanding for people living with Dementia and has called on organisations in Thurrock and Basildon to become ‘Dementia Friendly’.

Dementia is a physical disease of the brain which affects people’s short-term memory, perception, communication skills, reasoning and more. Every person’s Dementia is different, and no two people are the same. Researchers estimate that there are over 200 types of dementia, although the most common form is Alzheimer’s disease.

The DAA are working on gaining more local organisations that would like to become ‘Dementia Friendly’ and locating public spaces in Essex designed to include those living with Dementia.

Stephen Metcalfe said: “Everyone of us will have loved ones or know someone living with Dementia. Dementia can prevent people from being able to continue everyday tasks, leaving them feeling confined, damaging their long-term wellbeing.

By learning more about Dementia through ‘Dementia Friendly’ training and making simple changes we can enable people living with Dementia to continue to live as normal a life as possible for longer.

I encourage all organisations in Basildon and Thurrock to play their part in making society more Dementia Friendly and take up the free 45-minute training available.

To arrange call 01277 658 529”.