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Stephen Metcalfe honoured to be re-elected as MP for a 4th time

18 Dec Stephen Metcalfe honoured to be re-elected as MP for a 4th time

Stephen Metcalfe was re-elected to serve the constituents of South Basildon & East Thurrock for the 4th time on December 12th with 66% of the vote.

Stephen Metcalfe said: “Following last week’s General Election, Stephen Metcalfe, Member of Parliament for South Basildon and East Thurrock said: “I am delighted and honoured to have been elected for a 4th time to serve my constituents in the House of Commons and very pleased , if a little surprised, to have secured the support of 66% of the electorate with 29,973 votes.”

“The message was clear throughout the election – get Brexit done and move on. And that is what we are doing, starting with the 2nd reading of the Brexit Bill taking place this Friday. We can then finally leave the EU by January 31st.”

“Once we have left the EU we can focus on people’s other priorities. I will play my part in ensuring we get greater funding for our schools to ensure our students get the skills they need to benefit from all the opportunities available to them.”

“Deliver more money for our hospital and make sure our health services are fit for purpose and continue to fight for more police to build on the increases we have already seen in Essex.”

“Also, with this new Government’s agenda comes renewed focus on infrastructure. I will lobby Government on the A127 and fight any introduction of a congestion charge. I will continue to use every opportunity to ensure local voices are heard as Highways England continues plans to build a new Lower Thames Crossing.”

“Overall, I enter this new Parliament optimistic that now the deadlock has broken Parliament can once again function for the people, deliver on the promises we have made and regain public trust.”

You can find the latest news, campaigns and more on Stephen’s website, including how to contact his office.

As Stephen said: “I’m here to help, regardless of how you voted, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you.”