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St George’s Hospital Charity Welcomes Three New Resident Artists

14 Apr St George’s Hospital Charity Welcomes Three New Resident Artists

St George’s Hospital Charity have appointed three professional artists to collaborate with patients, staff and visitors to bring arts and creativity to our hospitals.

The Resident Artists will plan and lead high-quality creative sessions with patients, their families and staff, helping improve the experience of being in hospital. Coming in for one day a week each, they will deliver sessions in public spaces, outpatient clinics and inpatient wards across St George’s University Hospitals Foundation Trust sites, encouraging people to take part.

After a rigorous and competitive recruitment process, the Charity are delighted to announce the selected artists are Anjelica Cleaver (jazz multi-instrumentalist), Joshua Bilton (visual arts & storytelling) and Rachel Rothwell (visual arts).
Leanne Sadler, General Manager – Outpatients, noted “This is such an exciting development for the hospital and will be invaluable to our patients and staff members… We are very excited that we now have some lovely, very talented Resident Artists who have joined the team and look forward to working with them and seeing the joy they bring in to an often difficult and challenging environment”
Each artist has been chosen on reflection of their ability to adapt and develop their artistic excellence for healthcare settings, sharing innovative ideas for working collaboratively with our hospital community. As a cohort, the Resident Artists represent a range of experience and cultural backgrounds.

Speaking of their involvement in the initiative, the artists told us:

“I’m really excited to become a St George’s Resident Artist. It’s a fantastic team to be working with and I’m looking forward to bringing music, workshops and some joy to the hospital” Jelly Cleaver

“I’m really excited to be working as a resident artist at St George’s Hospital Charity to grow my interest in art and wellbeing within a healthcare setting.” Joshua Bilton

“I’m delighted to be a resident artist here at St George’s and get to know the community here. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and bring a little joy and creativity to the hospital experience!” Rachel Rothwell

The project has been organised by Arts St George’s part of St George’s Hospital Charity, in partnership with St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.