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#Southend debuts the five pound note

10 Aug #Southend debuts the five pound note

Ahead of its release into the nation’s tills, wallets and bank accounts on 13 September, the New Fiver is going on a UK-wide tour and will be on display at Southend-on-Sea’s Adventure Island on Thursday 18 August.

The New Fiver is the first Bank of England note to be printed on polymer, a thin flexible plastic and will feature the instantly recognisable face of Sir Winston Churchill.


The New Fiver Roadshow arrives at Adventure Island on 18 August and from 11am visitors will be able to see and touch the distinctive new notes, learn how they are made, and find out why they are better than the previous ‘Lady Godiva’.

Designed to be cleaner, safer and stronger, the polymer banknotes feature innovative new security features which make them even harder to counterfeit.

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