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Pop star Louise Redknapp launches confidence scale as 25% of locals admit they need a style makeover

25 Jul Pop star Louise Redknapp launches confidence scale as 25% of locals admit they need a style makeover

A FRUMPY 25% of Brits in the east of England say they wish they had a better sense of style, according to new research.

Three in five (62%) people in the eastern counties admit they are creatures of habit, buying the same style of clothes and accessories when they go shopping.

The average Brit reaches peak style confidence at the age of 30, according to the newly-launched Specsavers Confidence Scale.

But Brits’ self-esteem then declines rapidly with just a quarter (25%) of people aged over 45 in the east saying they feel confident in themselves.

The Confidence Scale has been launched by pop star Louise Redknapp, 43, who said: “After growing up in a girl band and spending a lot of my early 20s in the spotlight, my image and sense of style has always been hugely important to me.

“But, like most people as you start to get older, other things take over – you have a family to look after, you’re running a household, your career path changes. When that happens, it’s easy to start losing that strong sense of identity that was once your biggest priority.

“I’m not surprised that people suffer with low self-confidence with the rise of Instagram, Twitter and selfies – it’s easy to doubt yourself or compare yourself to other people.”

A survey for the Specsavers Confidence Scale by Atomik Research found:

• people aged 35-44 are most likely to feel insecure about various aspects of their life at least once a day. Their top three concerns are their weight (29%), their looks (27%) and money (23%) – and one in 10 (21%) worry at least once a day about their outfit.

• Those aged 45+ posess the least confidence in their own style, with 10% of 45- to 55- year-olds admitting they worry about it at least once a day, and steer clear of buying new clothing or accessories for fear of how they will look.

• 55% of adults say their dress sense has remained the same throught their life while a third of Brits do not feel confident in choosing new clothes or accessories and 28% hate shopping for them.

The Confidence Scale has been unveiled to mark the introduction of Specsavers unique in-store Frame Styler software – new facial recognition technology designed exclusively by Specsavers to give specs wearers the confidence to find the right specs style for them.