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Pool cameras to be installed to help keep Dovercourt swimmers safe

10 May Pool cameras to be installed to help keep Dovercourt swimmers safe

A camera system is to be installed in the pool at Dovercourt Bay Lifestyles to help keep swimmers safe.

Following a routine safety review and updated health and safety guidance, a blind spot was revealed in part of the pool during certain parts of the day due to light reflection off the water.

This resulted in the need to have two lifeguards on duty at all times, even when the number of swimmers was very low. Therefore as a temporary measure the affected section of the Tendring District Council-run leisure centre pool was closed during quieter times.

The CCTV will be installed and available in early May, and after a period of time getting used to the system and making any required adjustments – as well as staff receiving training – the system will then become fully operational.

Mike Carran, Head of Sport and Leisure at Tendring District Council, said the system would help to keep people safe.

“The safety of our leisure centre customers is paramount, and that is why we took immediate action when this was identified,” he said.

“I would like to reassure swimmers that the CCTV is to ensure bather safety, and the operation will be in line with our privacy policy.”

A budget of £49,500 has been made available for this project.