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New Performing Arts College launches in Brentwood

02 Sep New Performing Arts College launches in Brentwood

Adagio College of Performing Arts is opening to new students on the 13th September 2021 based out of the studios in Rayleigh Road, Hutton, CM13 1SS in partnership with Adagio School of Dance.

Offering a BTEC Extended Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance) combining practical learning with subject and theory content.

Principal of the College Bronwen Patching says: “We were planning for this to happen in 2020 but everything was delayed due to the pandemic, but we are now ready to go and are up and running with students starting on the 13th of September.”

The BTEC course is fully funded and targets 16-18 years old who have a passion for dance. It is a two-year course and is the equivalent of 3 A levels which on completion gives students the option of continuing their education into HND or Degree or moving into the industry.

In addition to the BTEC other options offered include a Diploma in Dance Education (DDE) in all dance disciplines.

All of this come on the back of running a successful GCSE course in which, despite of the challenges in education during the pandemic, all students passed their GCSE Dance with 81% achieving A* or A** .

The College will be extending the GCSE programme to also include A Level Dance and extending its training for Teens.

Also launching in September is its Volunteer Teaching Assistant Course for 12–15-year-olds to assist in Dance Class Management and Customer Service which will lead to paid Teaching Assistant Training from age 16 and the award of BBO student Teacher Accreditation.

Mrs Patching says: “ Our aim is to offer a unique pathway from 11 years old that will incorporate GCSE, A level, BTEC and a Teaching Qualification that will give all students the opportunity and grounding when they reach 18 to choose a career pathway in Dance whether it be Performing or Teaching but also sets them up to go off in any direction they choose for their future”.