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Meet Media Giant – 2Trom News Group

04 Jul Meet Media Giant – 2Trom News Group

A newcomer on the block and the brainchild of a local team of business people, 2Trom News Group is already established as an emerging media giant.

The magazine publisher and news outlet owner are having a ‘development’ driven year as they are in a phase of acquiring outlets and growing and developing their existing outlets.

Their current outlets include:

The Daily Brit – A British news site, national outlet covering news and current affairs from around the UK.

Sussex Chronicle – A regional outlet for the county of Sussex!

Hertfordshire Herald – A regional outlet for the county of Hertfordshire.

Northern Recorder – The paper covers the North of England with features even in Scotland.

British Buzz – Tabloid news site in development.

London Post – A newly acquired news site for London.

Witham based company executive Lewis Drazen told us “We are keen to do something different and we have identified a market we can explore so its a very new time for us but equally a very exciting time for us”