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Louis Tomlinson arrested over fracas involving paparazzi

04 Mar Louis Tomlinson arrested over fracas involving paparazzi

Reports have broke that One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson has been arrested after getting caught in an airport bust-up with paparazzi in America.

Whilst further information on the reported fracas it’s already sent social media into a storm with die hard One Direction showing their support on social network Twitter using the hashtag #WeSupportLouis
One user tweeted: “You can’t get into a fight with Louis Tomlinson if you just respect his privacy 🙂


The 25year old star had moments before arrived at the Los Angeles airport from a holiday in Las Vegas with his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, when the confrontation began.

LAPD has since released a statement saying the 1D star was released from the police station on his own recognisance, rather than earlier reports that he’d had to pay a $20,000 (£16,000) bail for his release.

Another die hard One Direction tweeted “When you fight me….the squad will assemble one by one
DON’T DARE MESS WITH Louis Tomlinson 😠👊👊👊🖕


According to BBC News a court day has been set for later this month.