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Local school students winning entry for Design Ventura launched nationally with Tomy

27 Nov Local school students winning entry for Design Ventura launched nationally with Tomy

The Design Museum ​is delighted to launch ​Creative [Un]​blocks, the winning entry for Design Ventura 2019 from Twynham School’s team of students Amillie, Jemma, Toby, and Rachael. Chosen by a panel of judges including last year’s brief setters, Turner Prize-winning design collective ​Assemble, Creative [Un]blocks beat out competition from over three hundred secondary schools across the UK and will be available in the Design Museum Shop online from 16 November 2020 for £5.95. All proceeds from sales will be donated to the Rainforest Alliance UK.

Supported by Deutsche Bank as part of its global youth engagement programme ​Born to Be​, Design Ventura invites secondary state school students to develop their creative and entrepreneurial skills by designing and developing a real product for a real target audience. For the 2019 edition, the brief asked students to improve an aspect of everyday life for families, adult design enthusiasts or young people whilst also considering sustainability.

Addressing all of these groups ​Creative [Un]blocks is both a fun family game and an elegant solution to the age old problem of creative block. The game is made up of three dice dedicated to different categories including, audience (kids, teenagers, pets etc.), industry (fashion, travel, health, etc.) and sense (touch, smell, taste, etc.) When rolled the resulting combination creates a design brief that players have 60 seconds to answer – kick starting the design process. In keeping with the sustainability goals of the programme, the product includes minimal, fully recyclable packaging and the students personally selected the Rainforest Alliance UK as the charity they wanted to receive the sales proceeds.

Creative [Un]blocks has been developed and launched during lockdown, showing the continued creativity and innovation of schools and students during this unusual and challenging time.

After pitching their idea, the team from Twynham School participated in the development process with designers from ​Triple Double creative studio over a series of Zoom calls and socially distanced meetings and are now launching the product online via the Design Museum Shop.