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Local holidaymakers urged to carry out Brexit ‘MOT’

26 Oct Local holidaymakers urged to carry out Brexit ‘MOT’

BRITS in the east of England planning their holiday getaway to Europe next year have been urged to carry out a Brexit ‘MOT’ before Britain officially leaves the EU.

Most people in the region have taken no action to prepare for potential changes that could affect travel in Europe after 11pm on Friday, March 29, 2019.

Possible post-Brexit changes to travel could include Brits needing visas to visit France or flights being grounded – and anyone hoping to take a pet abroad will need to visit a vet at least four months before the trip.

But nearly nine in ten (88%) people in the eastern region say they have not researched AT ALL about how Brexit could affect their holiday plans, according to a survey for sister cruise companies Scenic and Emerald Waterways.

And 84% say they are completely unaware of potential changes to passport regulations and disruption to travel in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Currently Brits can enter any Schengen area country even if their passport only has a day left before it expires – but if there is no deal, travellers may not be able to visit these countries unless they have six months left on their passport.

The government has advised adults and children to renew passports that have less than six months’ validity at the time of any planned trip.

But just four per cent of people in the east of England have renewed their passport and only one per cent say they have checked their insurance company’s Brexit Terms and Conditions.