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Local creative flies flag for Essex with comedy animation

06 Aug Local creative flies flag for Essex with comedy animation

by Matthew Martino 

A local creative is flying the flag for Essex with his new animation flick.

TV writer and producer Ian Brown who has in the past worked with a whole host of stars including Jeremy Clarkson, YouTube stars Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee has found success with his hit animation series The BRUVS.

The Bruvs is about a dodgy London family of villains trying to go straight and keep their noses clean in a new home in Essex. The series is on YouTube and also now on Dave and on UKTVplay and

“There is no doubting the success and continued popularity of US juggernauts like Family Guy,” says Ian. “We are not in any way saying we are at their level. But we hope The Bruvs will continue to grow and continue to gain fans in the UK and round the world. It would be great to be able to expand The Bruvs and for there to be a genuinely successful Brit comedy animation series”

Find TheBruvs at and on facebook, twitter and instagram on @TheBruvsTV.