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@Kris_Johnson1 says “filmmaking has certainly become more accessible”

09 Aug @Kris_Johnson1 says “filmmaking has certainly become more accessible”

Kris Johnson is a Westcliffe based actor, who has recently appeared in football flick Hooligan Legacy, he chats to us about the acting world, Middlesbrough and drama school.

  1. Tell our readers who is Kris Johnson?

KJ: I’m 36 father of an amazing little boy Kaci who is my world, and Actor, born in Middlesbrough and moved to Essex as a child due to my father being a professional footballer (signed from Middlesbrough to Southend in 87,

  1. What do you make of the growth in indie films being made?

KJ: Filmmaking has certainly become more accessible for people due to quality of equipment available now that would of only been possible for professionals previously, I started myself in independent productions, they can be a great route through for talent that wouldn’t otherwise get a look in

  1. As an Essex boy do you still have memories of Middlesbrough at all?

KJ: All my family live in Middlesbrough so I have visited regularly over the years, I have great memories of my childhood growing up in Boro and miss a good parmo (Middlesbrough chicken dish)

  1. You’ve recently featured in Hooligan Legacy, do you follow football much?

KJ: As I said my step father was a professional so I grew up with football being central to my everyday life, I support Middlesbrough and I still play for a side on a Saturday although I may be ready for the vets now, my son also loves the game and plays for the kids team at the same club as me which is nice, we both wear number 9 too

  1. imgID68130264.jpg.galleryAs an actor who’s never been to drama school – what are your thoughts on drama training for new talent in the industry?

KJ: This is a touchy subject as acting/drama schools price out the lower classes and make it almost impossible for people on a lower income to gain the training that would be seen as favourable by casting directors and agencies, so you have ended up with a generation of upper middle class actors that can afford these fees saturating the industry, now I’m sure they are talented but I wonder how many have fallen by the wayside purely due to not being able to afford these schools, which is why independent film making is also essential as an inroad for those young aspiring actors

  1. Do you feel football crime dramas are open to all viewers?

KJ: Football films will always have their viewers, I had a pre conceived idea that it was strictly football fan kind of market, it’s far from that, hooligan legacy is popular with women/men young or old

  1. What can we expect to see from you in the future?

KJ: I have some news coming next month regarding my new feature, I also play the lead in ‘undercover’ alongside Simon Cotton (rise of the Krays and Ali Bastian (Hollyoaks) set for international release late December

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