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Kiran Rai interviews EIGHT top film directors at BFI event

11 Oct Kiran Rai interviews EIGHT top film directors at BFI event

Actor and model Kiran Rai who is a reporter for Essex TV spent a morning earlier this week interviewing 8 film directors for the BFI film makers tea at the Mayfair hotel, as you may be aware Rai is a hungry actor doing almost anything he can to get his foot in the door but has been working closely with London Post and said ‘Matthew, the editor from London Post knows I am a hungry actor but encourages me to get the job done first then leaves me to network after the interviews is done.’

The Mayfair Hotel filmmakers tea networking was sponsored by American Express saw Rai interview Andy Nylan the award winning director who looks like Rai. 

Rai said ‘Andy was fantastic, we got along and i hope he sees something in me and allows me to audition for his next movie’ 
Up and coming British filmmakers say the London Film Festival (LFF) is a vital part of their development.

During the 61st British Film Institute (BFI) event, 246 films will be screened – 39 of those British.

Christa Jarrold is a 26-year-old filmmaker from London and debuts her animation Pipe Dreams this week.

She said “When you’re into film growing up, the BFI is such an important agency – they fund and support so much brilliant cinema” 

“The LFF champions storytelling as opposed to just going for the big names.”

Clare Stewart
, the director of the BFI London Film Festival, is tasked with finding the up and coming filmmakers to come to the annual event.

She says more experienced names in the industry give their younger colleagues their time and advice.

“Our network initiative at BFI is very much about spreading the tentacles out across the UK to find new talent and enable them to make new work,” she says.

“We run workshops for our emerging talent with international visiting filmmakers so they get a real hands on sense of the experience that those filmmakers have had.”