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Jsky Chat’s on Celebrity Big Brother! The ones to watch & His top 5

09 Jan Jsky Chat’s on Celebrity Big Brother! The ones to watch & His top 5

By Jsky 

I started the year with mixed expectations for the All Stars vs New Stars Edition of Big Brother. Whilst the recent RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars show boasted the best of the best, Big Brother UK on the other hand very much felt like the bottom end of the barrel. Not to say I don’t enjoy the mix of characters and direction this series is heading in, but from the offset it felt like the budget had been spent on Ray J, and everyone else was bought with the leftover change. Having said that though, the fact they managed to get Ray J on the show at all was music to my ears.

Sunday night’s episode saw Jedward continue to reshape the dynamic of the house. Austin irritatingly persisted to attempt to turn every one anti-Spiedi but this will come to bite him on the backside. Fair enough his efforts may lead to Spiedi being up for nomination but he will also land himself the same fate, and I feel that the public would much rather favour their mischievous antics over his clumsy behaviour.

Watching the housemates cram pizza in their mouth made me want to heave, and James Jordan’s crass misogynistic banter was just as uncomfortable viewing. He is fast becoming as irrelevant as the pop art decor. His sweaty dancing and body rolls all over Angie Best in a bid to get a rise out of Calum Best reminded me of Aldi’s 40p bread; it just did not sit right with me.

Coleen Nolan having previously hinting at love troubles on the outside world gave Calum Best a “sexy” lap dance whilst taking part in a drunken game of dares.

The show came to a head with Calum taking offence to Coleen referring to him as her choice of one night stand, as opposed to Jamie O’Hara who she sees as someone she would rather have a relationship with. This was not the final stages of Take Me Out.

This power was not in her hands. Jasmine Waltz, on the other hand, proceeded to pretend she had no idea she was leading Jamie O’Hara on despite getting into bed with him on a previous episode.

Ones to watch: Angie Best – She reminds me of Marnie from Hollyoaks. She is straight talking, and far from a wallflower. So far, I’m a fan.
Top 5: Ray J, Jamie O’Hara, Angie Best, Calum Best, Spiedi