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Jackie Doyle-Price MP addresses rising knife crime in Thurrock

09 Aug Jackie Doyle-Price MP addresses rising knife crime in Thurrock

Last month, data by the Office for National Statistics suggested that there were 119 weapons possession offences between April 2017 and March 2018 in Thurrock.

Following reports that knife crime has risen in Thurrock, MP Jackie Doyle-Price has said,

“The growth in knife crime in Thurrock is in part driven by the organised criminal networks that peddle drugs through the grooming of young people.  The practice is known as county lines and is fuelling a rise in knife crime across Essex.  This is serious organised criminal activity.


She added “Britain has become the biggest user of cocaine in Europe.  My message to anyone who uses drugs, think on, you are propping up some very nasty people who are making a lot of money on the back of exploiting young people.  Put simply drug use is not a victimless crime.


“I am pleased that Essex Police is to recruit an additional 150 officers to tackle this increase and I will give my support to the Police and Crime Commissioner to continue this expansion next year.


“Policing is not the whole solution.  We need to prevent young people from being drawn into this activity.  I am pleased that our schools and colleges take this very seriously.  And I welcome the work of Gangsline, an organisation run by ex-gang members who work to reduce the risk of young people becoming involved in gang activity is also organising gang prevention workshops in schools. “