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Introducing new Essex based artisanal spirit Oystermen Gin

24 Jun Introducing new Essex based artisanal spirit Oystermen Gin

Brand new artisanal spirit Oystermen Gin was inspired by a love for the Essex coastline, famed for its oysters. Infused with oyster leaf (a flowering sea plant that grows in cold climates around the shores of the UK), a hint of Spanish lemon and a twist of Japanese sansho pepper, these sustainably sourced ingredients bring a smooth and distinct flavour profile to this unique gin.

The trio behind the gin (Godwin Baron, Gavin Miklaucich and Grahame Malcolmson) have lived along the coast of Essex for many years, now retired. Having worked most of their lives in business, retail and commerce, the trio bonded over their love for good gin during a period of adjustment to the retired life and feeling somewhat adrift. They set to work creating a distinctive product that represents their beloved county. After becoming certified distillers, the trio set up parent company 3Amigos Artisan Spirits.

“The motive behind this project is to promote our beautiful Essex coastline and its fine produce and artists” said Godwin Baron, having collaborated with local poet Martin Newell and artist James Dodds on the nautically themed label. The Essex coastline is also famed for sailing, with regattas held each year where the old Oyster Smacks (a type of boat that dredges for oysters) and Thames Barges race – represented in the beautiful illustration that adorns the bottle’s label. The illustration is a lino cut piece by James Dodds, named ‘Pioneer At Sea’ – depicting a type of boat that used to trawl for a particular type of oyster off Terschilling near Holland, called a skillinger. The image is complimented on the reverse side of the bottle by a poem by Martin Newell called ‘The North Sea’, which references the skillingers bringing the oysters back from Terschilling.