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Harlow cycle track repairs welcomed

05 Mar Harlow cycle track repairs welcomed

The Leader of Harlow Council has welcomed the news that at long last work has started to repair and improve the cycle track network in Harlow. The works by Essex Highways follows Harlow Council filling potholes and making repairs last year to 10% of the network it owns.

Councillor Mark Ingall, Leader of Harlow Council, said: “It is good to see repair works being carried out to cycle tracks in Harlow which fall under the responsibility of Essex County Council. As part of my conversations with Essex last year I promised that Harlow Council would do its bit and make sure that sections of cycle track we own are repaired to complement any works Essex County Council do. Our repairs were completed back in December. We own 10% of the cycle track network and these are small sections across the town which join Essex County Council’s network.

“Cycle tracks are a big part of Harlow and are something Harlow and Essex should be proud of, but not when parts of the network are crumbling into disrepair. Investment is welcome, but it needs to be ongoing investment to ensure that repairs are kept up with in future. We know there are local cyclists who regularly cycle these tracks so they will keep a close eye on the situation. I would like to thank residents for highlighting the issues they have faced in using the cycle tracks. By us all working together we are achieving something positive for the town and for cycling in Harlow.”

“The pandemic has seen more and more families get on their bikes and do exercise together, so I hope when the work is completed that more families can safely enjoy getting around our great town by bike.”