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Harlow Council kickstart new tree planting boom with 350 planted in one day

15 Dec Harlow Council kickstart new tree planting boom with 350 planted in one day

Two thousand trees are set to be planted by March 2022 as part of Harlow Council’s work to improve the environment and combat the effects of climate change. To kickstart the planting project Cabinet members joined residents and council staff on Sunday to plant 350 trees in East Park as a new improved community tree planting scheme got underway.

All 2,000 trees have been funded by the Local Authority Treescape Fund meaning that they are supported by a much better planting process as well as a three year maintenance programme. The council plans to plant many more trees beyond March 2022.

Councillor Nicky Purse, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “We are getting on with the job of improving the environment for future generations, building back greener and restoring pride in our local environment with a new tree planting programme.

“Unfortunately many of the small trees planted in East Park nearly 2 years ago did not survive due to many unforeseen factors. We have improved the tree planting scheme and we invited the residents back to help us plant hundreds of new trees on the site

“As well as improving the physical planting of the trees in the ground, we also have a three year maintenance programme in place. This will ensure the trees are looked after so they have a better chance of surviving and thriving. This is all thanks to government funding that the council has secured.”

Last Thursday and Friday 10 large new trees were also planted by volunteers from Pitney Bowes on the Helipad site near Harlow Town Centre. Further tree planting in other areas in the town will take place in the new year.