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Films to Watch if You Want a Taste of Casino Culture at Home

24 Feb Films to Watch if You Want a Taste of Casino Culture at Home

Sink your teeth into these award-winning casino-themed dramas today!

The bright lights of glamorous casinos have long been an attractive backdrop for hit films and television series alike. After all, there is a type of inherent drama that the thrills and spills of a casino gaming floor can produce. Not to mention nowadays the expansion of online casino sites in different regions give people the ability to engage virtually on reputable platforms that contain many titles like Blackjack, Roulette, themed slots and more. All of this is making casino culture more accessible, interactive, and entertaining for the modern player. So, if you’d call yourself a fan of casinos, whether in the digital or physical world, then there’s a high chance you’ll love the next four films that we have curated especially for you. Although each of them has their own unique storyline, the casino plays a role in their plots in different ways. So, grab your remote and a bowl of popcorn and enjoy!

Casino Royale

Daniel Craig’s first appearance as Bond, James Bond in Casino Royale hit theatres back in 2006 and it was an instant sensation. One of the highest-ranking films in the entire franchise, the dashing British spy was portrayed exceptionally on the big screen, with the most memorable scene coming straight from the casino gaming floor, hence the movie’s name: Casino Royale. In this nail-biting final moment, Bond is faced with playing poker against the evil villain, criminal mastermind Le Chiffre. In the final moment, Bond wins it all (a cool $120 million) with an incredible straight flush. It’s a scene we will never forget and one that put this film on the map of best Bonds out there.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s is another famous film franchise that many will be familiar with. Ocean’s 11, notably known for its all-star cast that sees George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts all act together under one roof is the first of the series with most moments taking place on the casino floor of the real Las Vegas icon- the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. From the script to the camera work to the action-packed scenes, viewers will automatically be transported to a cool and energetic environment that packs all the fun of casino life into 1 hour and 56 minutes.


Every wondered what it would be like to masterfully count cards in the Entertainment Capital of the World and get away with it (almost)? Well, the plot of the movie 21 is more or less about this exact happening. Based on the true story that was recounted in author Ben Mezrich’s novel “Bringing Down the House” about a group of MIT students that formed a Blackjack card counting team in the 1980s, the film takes viewers again to Vegas where five intelligent students are led by their coach Mickey (played by Kevin Spacey) to play Blackjack and work together to beat the house advantage. There’s no shortage of jaw-dropping, tense moments in this film so action-lovers will surely want to add this one to their watch list. Without giving too many spoilers away, let’s just say things don’t work out quite like the team had intended them to.

Which of these films will you add to your movie your watch list?

Win it All

A Netflix original film that premiered in 2017, Win it All tells the story of Jake Johnson (played by New Girl star Eddie Garrett) who has recently been tasked with the job of keeping a large amount of cash for a friend. The only caveat? He can’t use the funds himself. With a large portion of the movie taking place inside casino walls (shot primarily in Chicago), it’s an immersive drama that casino lovers are likely to enjoy.

Another suggestion for an action film that is fun from start to finish is the new movie Dead Ringer, set to start its filming in Essex. Although not casino-themed, this is another great one specifically for fans of fast-paced productions.