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Family homes snapped up by Basildon borough residents and key workers

16 Nov Family homes snapped up by Basildon borough residents and key workers

Borough residents and key workers have put in offers for 10 family homes available for shared ownership in Basildon.

The two four-bed and eight two-bed homes, developed by Redrow for Sempra Homes, were marketed to borough residents and key workers like teachers, ambulance workers, fire fighters, nurses and police officers.

The homes located in Sellars Way on the new St Nicholas Mews development off Ballards Walk are under offer. Seven have been reserved by residents who have lived in the borough for more than five years and three by borough key workers.

Cllr Andrew Baggott, Leader of Basildon Council, said: “We are committed to creating housing opportunities for our residents that will help improve their lives and prospects. We also recognise the importance of ensuring those who work in key industries like the emergency services and education get access to good housing. Sempra Homes is the jewel in our crown and I am delighted these quality homes have been so well received.

Sempra Homes, which was set up by Basildon Council as an independent company, is committed to delivering properties across the borough and will provide a variety of different tenures including affordable rent, shared ownership, market rent and market sale.

To find out more about Sempra Homes visit the recently launched Sempra Homes website at