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EXCLUSIVE: Introducing talented Essex artist Leigh Luscious

16 Oct EXCLUSIVE: Introducing talented Essex artist Leigh Luscious

by Tasha Turner

Hailing from Essex, Leigh Luscious is one of the talented gems our country has produced.

The extremely unique  Leigh writes her own guitar driven Pop/Punk songs which she describes as ‘Stroppy Pop.’

Talking about what motivates her in a candid chat she tells me “Music is the thing that motivates me the most because I am very passionate about it as in keeping it original and being creative. I worry about how music is going and prefer to keep music live and original and it is my passion for this to be so.”

With success already on the horizon for Essex native she was in 2015 nominated for three music awards for ‘best original song’, ‘best original artist’ and ‘best original acoustic act’ at The Essex Entertainments Awards. She released her debut album, ‘THE LOOK’, in June 2015 which landed to rave reviews.

Discussing her future plans, Leigh quipped “My future plans are to promote my new album WOOPDEDOOP! Which was released on September 23rd on iTunes by gigging constantly and appearing on local radio”

Watch our talent Essex girl in action!