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Essex & Suffolk Water find success with the use of satellites

23 Oct Essex & Suffolk Water find success with the use of satellites

The use of satellites by Essex & Suffolk Water to detect leakage on its network is already yielding some ‘out of this world’ results, with over 40 leaks discovered since the scheme was launched on Monday 15 October.

Essex & Suffolk Water has teamed up with utility giants SUEZ and
satellite experts Utilis, to harness the power of space satellites to help spot leaks on its network.

Using the same outer space technology that helps find water on other planets, the satellites are being focused initially on around half of the company′s network across Essex and Suffolk, with a focus on remote areas and parts with higher records of leakage.

The satellites are being used to help detect leaks and unusual deposits of water.

These details will then be passed on to a team of leakage technicians on the ground who will carry out further investigations.

The new technology was put into use in Essex and Suffolk on Monday 15 October, and since then 41 new leaks have been identified, across 26 specific points of interest.

The initial phase of the scheme will see over 550 points of interest being investigated.

The whole process takes place with no impact to any customers, and will hopefully result in problematic leaks in some of the most remote areas of the region being repaired much quicker than ever before.

Essex & Suffolk Water has made a commitment to reduce leakage across its network by 17.5% by 2025, through significant investment an innovative

This was part of the company’s ‘Our Plan’ for 2020-2025 that
was unveiled last month, and is currently being assessed by industry regulator, OFWAT.