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Essex Record Office Trim Opening Hours

31 Mar Essex Record Office Trim Opening Hours

by Simon Phetter

Essex Record Office’s searchroom will shorten their opening hours owing to tough financial challenges. The new opening hours set to commence next week will operate on a four-week pattern, with one long week followed by three shorter weeks.

A statement read “We are changing the Searchroom opening hours because, like all public services, the ERO is facing tough financial challenges. With reductions in public sector budgets, we are not able to sustain our current opening hours.”

“We are operating with a smaller team, and reducing our hours means we will be able to staff the Searchroom sufficiently to maintain service levels on the days when we are open”

The changes which will come into effect next week were subject to a survey by Essex Record Office in which visitors indicated that the new proposed openings would neither affect them or would cause minimal disruption to them.

One thing for sure you will still be assured of a warm welcome to the Essex Record Office.