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Essex author George Amos prepares to release latest book

21 Feb Essex author George Amos prepares to release latest book

Essex author George Amos is preparing to release his latest book later this month.

About the book: THE FILM
It is 1940 and First World War veteran John Groves awaits news of the impending invasion of London by the military might of Nazi Germany. His priority, to protect his family. Later, sabotage is planned by John to fight back, but after when a high-ranking German general visits John’s family home, the meeting leads to dramatic and unimaginable events for him and his family. An enduring, unlikely friendship develops between the two men and their families as the drama unfolds amidst the intrigue of an occupied nation, where they must act ruthlessly for survival.

George developed a passion for writing historical events at an early age. After retiring from a busy business life and travelling to many countries from 1977 to 2015, he finally found time to write his first novel, The Film, ambition achieved. Married to Jan since 1970, he has two sons and a daughter and now lives in Essex.

The Film by George Amos will be published on 28th February 2019 and is available on and