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East of England named the UK’s most charitable region at Christmas time

09 Dec East of England named the UK’s most charitable region at Christmas time

New research has declared the East of England the UK’s most charitable region at Christmas time.

More respondents in this area than any other1 declared attending charitable events or helping others to be one of the Christmas traditions they most look forward to.

A huge 88 per cent of kind-hearted respondents from the East of England also agreed or strongly agreed it’s important to think about or help people who are facing difficulties during the Christmas period.

The survey, carried out by The Children’s Society, found that the region’s most treasured festive traditions included decorating the Christmas tree (41%), watching Christmas movies (35%) and shopping for gifts (30%).

The research was carried out to mark the start of Christingle season. Christingle services were first introduced to the Church of England in 1968 as a way to fundraise for The Children’s Society – a national charity that helps the most vulnerable children and young people in Britain today. The atmospheric and joyful services are usually held from the start of December and run into the New Year, with Christmas Eve a particularly popular time.

The candle-lit, festive celebration is perfect for bringing families and communities together, and a nostalgic 67 per cent of those surveyed in the East of England said they remembered attending a Christingle service as a child.

Mark Russell, Chief Executive of The Children’s Society, said: “Christmas is such a special time of year and it’s heart-warming to see that so many of us still see it as a key time for charitable giving.

“Christingle services are a fun way to help us support young people at Christmas and this year I hope many more people will see attending a Christingle as a tradition to look forward to. Over one million vulnerable children and young people have already been helped by people across the country enjoying these special services.”