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East Anglian wind could be UK’s energy future, says Green MEP

27 Oct East Anglian wind could be UK’s energy future, says Green MEP

Green Party Member of the European Parliament for the East of England Catherine Rowett has welcomed a major report published today by the International Energy Agency (IEA), which finds that offshore wind has the potential to supply all of the world’s energy needs and that the UK is a leader in the industry.

The study predicts offshore wind will grow 15 fold to emerge as a $1tn (£780bn) industry in the next 20 years and will prove to be the next great energy revolution.

The EU’s generation of power from wind is set to be particularly significant, as it is predicted to grow from the current level of almost 20 gigawatts to nearly 130 gigawatts by 2040. This could reach 180 gigawatts with stronger climate commitments. Within the EU, the UK could lead the way, with a policy of reaching a capacity of up to 30 GW from wind by 2030.

East Anglia is a major hub for offshore wind in the UK, with some of the highest capacity wind farms in England, and at least three more set for construction that could have the potential to power 3 million homes.

Catherine Rowett MEP said, “This report should be a boost to the renewables industry in East Anglia, and I welcome the indication that wind will provide much-needed clean energy and sustainable jobs for our region.

“However, to achieve this level of transformation we need the political will to put an end to fossil fuel subsidies, which perpetuate an unequal playing field and discourage investment in sustainable alternatives. We need to invest in the simple methods of energy storage that do not cost the earth. The climate emergency requires us to start living within our means, without taking energy out of the ground, much sooner than the current Government plans and without the fantasy technologies that have been attracting the attention of enthusiasts.

“To avoid destroying our countryside with electricity grids, we should also be looking to more localised wind energy wherever possible.

“That is why I and other Green MEPs are calling for a massive transformation of our economy and our value system, to deliver better quality of life as an integral part of the welcome (but urgent) transition to a more sustainable energy system.”