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DJ Sarah Giggle on #CBB: Crash bang an wallop

07 Jan DJ Sarah Giggle on #CBB: Crash bang an wallop

Well last nights CBB started with a bit of a deep few segments, bit much for the first Friday in the new year?! 🙈😖 A bit of a Loose Women therapy session in there to all made for very dark opening!

The breaking of the ice was Spencer’s random display of exercise moves which for lack of any other words was just plain weird to say the least and resembled a beetle trapped on its back!

It was then followed by a water row, yes you heard it right water 💦With people in country’s that are starving and have no clean water, I found this ridiculous an shameful to watch, they have a tap and glasses?! It was a game play from #Speidi with the water and I’m sure they just try to push people’s buttons, was so unnecessary!

CBB then hit us with a great acting task where we saw 2 of my favourites come to centre stage literally! Angie Best and Jamie O’Hara, this has to be last nights highlight and we got a glimpse in to what great characters the new stars have!

Angie’s rendition of Austin with Bianca was hilarious had me crying and Jamie showed he’s got great banter in him defo both deserved to win! The twist that came was harsh though! We all knew winning something in the house comes at a cost, a house mate James C to go for eviction out of the edited house mates! Was surprised to see James cosmo put up for eviction! I’m divided I think it would be great for him to stay and experience the house more but due to the new arrivals I feel it might be best for his sanity if he does get a early out!

Crash bang an wallop, yes one of Jedward twins fell off the stage before he even went in, bless him. To be fair they got a lot of boos but I think, well hope they will royally piss Speidi off, karmas a bitch!

They came in harassing Emma Willis taking over the main entry and well generally caused chaos and to be fair made me laugh. Was a tad gutted at the entry, thought the house mates would be mortified but some one guessed it before they’d even hit the garden area. So when they appeared the shock wasn’t quite as dramatic, although the outfits definitely were!

Coleen looked sick to her stomach the poor Americans don’t have a clue what’s about to hit them with this crazy Irish duo and to be honest, I’m looking forward to the carnage especially to put Speidi off their game playing! I do feel it may get a tad too much for some house mates but it’s definitely going to change the dynamic’s and I for one can’t wait!
My favs are Angie, Bianca, Jamie, Calum and Brandon love James C but think Jedward will drive him crazy haha!
My predictions for finalists are Calum Jamie and Angie

Least favourite Jasmine and Speidi but least the latter make opinionated tv like it or not.
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