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Director Richard Colton says “I wanted to make a very different British film”

23 Jun Director Richard Colton says “I wanted to make a very different British film”

Richard Colton is an Essex based film director who has gained critical acclaim for his feature film Dangerous Game which is out on Monday 26th of June. We had a candid interview with him to find out what was going on behind the scenes of the gripping film.

You have made something different with your film Dangerous Game – how did this idea come about?

A- I wanted to make a very different independent British film. The industry on a whole is used to seeing low budget British gangster movies, zombie horror’s or comedy’s and whilst they all have their place and still sell well in the market we felt that the industry has probably reached saturation point and to be fair has many other film producers that make these kind of films and make them very well. So that left us with a conundrum how do we make something popular, fun, interesting but different.

You got Calum Best onboard as a lead, how did this happen?

A – Amar Adatia already new Calum Best from working with him on another film project that he had produced the year before ‘Retribution’ and after a breakfast meeting with Calum (which quickly turned into a lunch meeting) we secured our leading man and co-producer.

Calum was perfect for the role of Chris Rose as he had that cameo variant we were looking for but also he could connect to the football world because of his dad and because of his own football playing career. It doesn’t hurt either that Calum has model looks and as we found out is pretty good at acting too.

Could Dangerous Game have taken a different direction?

A- It would have been very easy to turn Dangerous Game into a dark gritty gangster film but as I said before we didn’t want to do that. We knew the film had some great moments that would make the audiences smile and with Calum and Amar heading up our expanding cast we also New it would be a very pretty movie too, the camera work and supporting cast needed to be as good looking.

What’s next on your directing slate for 2017?

A- We are now in the pre production stage of making our next production called ‘Dead Ringer’ and just like ‘Dangerous Game’ was set in the football world, ‘Dead Ringer’ will be set in the music world following the story of a fictional boy band.

Dangerous Game is out on DVD Monday