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Daniel Mcleod writes ‘Willy Wonka Called, He Has a Job For You’

16 Mar Daniel Mcleod writes ‘Willy Wonka Called, He Has a Job For You’

So last night we saw the return of the brilliant show Snog Marry Avoid, it’s changed channel and is now on MTV, If you didn’t know what this show was, It sees outrageous people get a make under by a generated computer called pod. 

In tonight’s double bill, we had 6 people who needed a make under by pod. Firstly we had a girl who loved to have Blonde Hair with black highlights and also loved to have massive eyelashes and Layers of make-up, I think she looked horrendous and If I had to vote to snog, marry or avoid her I would definitely avoid. But after all the make-up was washed away she actually looked lovely and I just wish she kept herself like that.

The second member we saw was a guy who liked to look like the colour orange (Umpa Lumpa come to mind!) and also liked to smack on the Make-up, which made him look like he was older then he was. I would definitely avoid him (I’m all for Fake tan, but within reason) I also thought that when he had his make under he still looked horrendous, don’t get wrong he looked better without the tan and make-up but his outfit was just not for me.

We had a woman come and meet pod (I don’t know what to call her, each to their own I guess) but there isn’t much to say about this one because she didn’t get a make under (What is the point going on then).

In the second episode, we started by seeing a scouse who named herself the Sexy Scouse (You might be scouse, but you are not sexy, well not with that look), her style was so shocking and I don’t know how she could go out dressed like that. I would avoid because she scares me, after the make under she looked okay and I liked that style but I don’t think she did.


Lastly we had a woman who wanted to look like Pete Burns (Sorry girl, there is only one Pete Burns and that’s not you) but she looked more like I had just pulled her out from the dustbin, like I said before each to their own I guess but she looked a lot better with the make under and I feel like she should have kept that look.


So, that was my opinion on tonight’s Snog Marry Avoid, you might of seen that I have missed one person out, but I missed half of her make under (Blame my friend) so I felt like I couldn’t say much.


Thank you again for all being with me while I was LIVE tweeting tonight, Until next time, Adios for now.

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