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#Chelmsford: Deaths of two people inside car not being treated as suspicious

09 Dec #Chelmsford: Deaths of two people inside car not being treated as suspicious

Essex Police have confirmed they are not treating the death of two people inside a car in Chelmsford as suspicious.

Officers were called by the ambulance service shortly before 11.15am on Monday December 5.
Sadly the man and woman had died at the scene in Fox Crescent.
Police are now in a position to identify them as Thomas Putt, 20, of Wren Close, Leigh-on-Sea, and Nikki Willis, 23, of Fox Crescent, Chelmsford.
Their families have paid the following tributes:
Nikki’s family said: “Our gorgeous baby girl, daughter, stepdaughter, sister, girlfriend and friend of so many.
“We are so proud of you even though your time here was too short.
“You loved life and always had a smile.
“You will never be forgotten, always and forever in our hearts and memories.
“Our angel now has her wings.
“Please can the families and friends have our time to grieve and come to terms with our sudden loss in peace.”
Tom’s family said: “We are utterly shocked and devastated at the death of our darling son Tom.

“He was a whirlwind in our lives from day one, always cheeky, always smiling.

“He was maturing into a charming, kind and lovely young man.

“Tom touched many people’s lives and hearts and we are so grateful for all the touching messages and kind words we have received from his friends.

“He was an engineering apprentice and was passionate about cars, his hockey and football, especially his team, Manchester United. He had recently achieved a long-time ambition to see them play at old Trafford and he was so thrilled about being able to do this.

“He would have turned 21 next month and we can’t believe that we won’t be sharing the rest of his life with him.

“We and your sisters love you Tom and will miss you for the rest of our lives.”

Both Tom and Nikki’s families have requested privacy and ask the media not to speculate on the cause of their deaths.

Forensic post mortem examinations have been completed and the cause of their deaths is inconclusive. Further tests will be carried out.

Current investigations do not indicate their deaths were the result of a deliberate act.

One of the lines of enquiry police are investigating is the possibility they may have died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Tests will be carried out on the vehicle, which will include establishing whether any modifications have taken place.

We advise anyone who has had modifications carried out to their vehicle by someone other than a qualified mechanic to have it checked as a safety precaution.