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Cara Delevingne meets refugee girls in Uganga trip with Girl Up

23 Jan Cara Delevingne meets refugee girls in Uganga trip with Girl Up

British model and actress, Cara Delevingne joined Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation’s adolescent girls campaign, this past week on a learning trip to Uganda.

Delevingne met with refugees and visited refugee entry points and settlements throughout the region to learn more about UNHCR’s response to the South Sudanese refugee crisis and its educational programming for refugee girls.

“As a Girl Up Champion, I’m proud to bring awareness to their partnership with UNHCR supporting education for refugee girls,” said Delevingne. 

“When it comes to the refugee crisis, we can’t turn away. Seeing the statistics is important, but meeting and talking with the girls is another thing entirely. We can’t let the rest of the world be ignorant on the problem. We need to tell people what’s going on and how they can help.”

More than 460,000 refugees have arrived in Uganda from South Sudan since July 2016, at the rate of more than 2,000 per day. Within 24 hours of crossing the border, UNHCR provides refugees with a hot meal, medical assistance, and transport to a settlement to begin rebuilding their lives again. On the learning trip, Delevingne talked with refugee girls and saw the impact of Girl Up’s partnership with UNHCR, which fundraised to help provide 4,414 girls with the uniform, textbooks, and supplies to go to school for a year.