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Campaigners project slogans highlighting human rights issue in Pakistan on to Houses of Parliament

02 Jul Campaigners project slogans highlighting human rights issue in Pakistan on to Houses of Parliament

The groups namely the World Baloch Organisation and Baloch Republican Party projected slogans over iconic landmarks in London including the UK Houses of Parliament, Marble Arch and Shoreditch High Street. The projection read “Help end enforced disappearances in Pakistan. The campaigners also included a video of Pakistan’s Prime minister Imran Khan in which he vowed to resign if he was unable to put an end to the practice of Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan , holding those involved responsible.

The groups believe that the projection will serve as a key message and reminder to the international community of their responsibility to speak out against enforced disappearances and extra- judicial killings in Pakistan. The projection also aims to raise awareness amongst Londoners on the dire situation that desperately calls for international attention and support.

It is worth mentioning that the group had earlier organised an aerial banner to circle a cricket stadium in Headingly, Leeds as it hosted a World Cup clash between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The banner that caught the attention of the international media read “Help End Disappearances in Pakistan” and “Justice for Balochistan”. Despite protests from the Pakistani government over the incident, the group reaffirmed their resolve to peacefully and rightfully continue their campaign to highlight worsening human rights situation.

Their website stated the initiative to be part of an ongoing campaign in UK, it added “ the campaign will focus on the issue of Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan, where thousands have been forcibly disappeared by Pakistani authorities. Most are extra-judicially killed and their bodies dumped on roadsides bearing signs of extreme torture, others stay missing forever, Amnesty International has called it the “Kill and dump” policy. Victims include activists, teachers, students, doctors, intellectuals and journalists who have voiced their opinions against the military’s iron grip over the country. The military’s control over the local media is such that anyone reporting such incidents risks falling victim themselves. International NGO’s and Journalists are not given access to Balochistan where most of the cases of disappearances have been registered.

Families of the abducted victims have long been protesting for the safe recovery of their loved ones in the provincial capital Quetta, and their protest camp has now completed more than 3500 days.

The organizers of the campaign have reportedly long been engaged in efforts to highlight the worsening human rights situation in Balochistan at international platforms, organising events around Europe and in the United States, focusing on advocacy activities in the European Parliament, the US parliamentary houses, and the United Nations.