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Brits in the east of England playing ‘Russian roulette’ with flu

18 Oct Brits in the east of England playing ‘Russian roulette’ with flu

WORKERS in the east of England are playing ‘Russian roulette’ with flu after nearly seven in ten employees said they would clock on even though they are still ill.

Guilt, fear of being judged and not having enough paid sick days mean 67% of employees in the east of England would still turn up for work even if they had the flu.

As a result, half (49%) of workers in the region say they have caught a cold at work, while a quarter (26%) say they have caught the flu from colleagues who have turned up sick.

And four in ten (41%) east of England parents with kids under 16 say their children have not yet been vaccinated, according to a survey for Asda Pharmacy by Atomik Research.

Dr Hilary Jones said: “Brits need to stop playing Russian roulette with flu – it is an extremely serious illness and, as such needs to be taken extremely seriously.

“Going to work while still ill may seem like the noble thing to do but all it does is delay your recovery and infect those around you.

“And parents should think seriously about getting their children vaccinated – it is easy for kids to pass on flu to their grandparents, who are particularly vulnerable to the disease.”

Thirty-nine per cent of Brits surveyed in the east of England said they would not have the flu jab this winter.

A third (36%) of those who will not have the jab said they simply have not considered it, 17% think it does not affect them and 11% never have vaccinations.