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Brad O’Neill: Cleaning lady, More like SAS trained arguer!

16 Jan Brad O’Neill: Cleaning lady, More like SAS trained arguer!

Day 12 in the big brother house, and serious cracks are beginning to show. From shock evictions to launch night, feeling like every episode, you can’t say this Series of CBB has been dull. (With the exception of Jamie)

Jedward: the show opens up to Jedward in hell for the first time, or for the other housemates that must be normal living with these annoying twins.(I do love them really). They seem to be really rubbing all the housemates up the wrong way, although with the show opening to a small altercation between themselves and Jasmine ‘the follower’ as I like to call her. I do think that these guys are themselves and enjoy each other’s company immensely which is lovely to see but sometimes in life being around someone too long can be unhealthy. Overall I feel for these guys being an easy target for this fame hungry house.

Jasmine: A girl who I thoroughly enjoyed her last time in the house with that famous love triangle, but this time she is nothing but disappointment. Taking sides with the wrong people and trying to be a part of the mean girls squad.

Jamie: A plank, boring piece of wood, a wanna be Calum, just a few of the many insults I could give this guy. Makes me feel extremely uncomfortable to watch trying desperately to be the ultimate lad. This episode he is now trying to flirt with Chloe from Geordie Shore, who I will get to later on after attempting with every girl in the house and in my opinion been pied every time. 

Stacy: this girl interests me a lot. Yes she moans, yes she’s not the Beyoncé double that she think she is, but I do like her. I had to laugh when Jedward and her got in to an argument over who got further on the The X Factor.
Bianca: ummm ummm ummm Nothing comes to mind Sorry!!!

Coleen: Has not featured very heavily in this episode but I do like Coleen, with her marriage hanging on the edge she’s expected to have her moments in the house but she just stayed true to her word, doesn’t try and dress up like she’s walking the red carpet each day and I feel I can relate to this lady. Mark my words top three.

Kim: I can 100% gauge why people do not like this lady but she is the best thing to happen to my whole week. She is the spitting of my Nan and clearly she will cause a huge impact in future episodes. She argues with James in this episode and ends by trying to start on Nicola! 

I sense a storm brewing, I like the fact that she sticks up for Jedward in the episode With her motherly instinct. I don’t think a winner of the show but definitely a good housemate. Not just a cleaning lady, but a trained SAS arguer.

Chloe/Jessica : They appear to be getting on like a house on fire. They will definitely have an impact on the house. It has a strong record that apprentice and Geordie Shore stars do very well in the CBB house. With the likes of Charlotte Crosby, Scotty T and James Hill who are all ex-winners of the house. Girls you have big shoes to fill!

James J: this is a vile creature. He had changed my mind when he entered the house this time round and I thought he was okay, but as the series has continued I have grown to dislike him more and more each episode, with him in yesterday’s show upsetting footballer Jamie and apologising and then moving onto Kim and Jedward next. PLAYING A GAME ARE WE JAMES?

Emma: The winners of celebrity Big Brother 2017 are Spiedi. These are the words I wait to hear. Not being featured very Heavily in this episode what they do say I am truly entertained by. They are just my ideal reality TV stars. I wish them all the best and if they keep it up they will have my backing all the way.
James C: “that man off game of thrones” what a genuine lovely guy but I have got to question what he’s doing on the show.

There was a moment in the episode we saw him walk around with nothing but a towel and that is something viewers don’t want to see. I think he will be the next to go!

Nicola McLean: Quoting, “I swear I will 2 foot her, I will F**Ki*G 2 foot her” about a lady twice her age, is not a nice statement to be making. She has a large altercation with Kim at the end of the episode which becomes very heated and personal. She has also built up a side-kick/lover Jamie, who seems to be following her everywhere and states on many occasions that he is very good friends with her husband so it is okay for them to flirt. I’m sorry but WHAT is this guy talking about. 

Calum: Genuinely lovely lad he has been bought up by ex housemate Angie Best in a very respectable way. He does however need to up his game if he would like to stay in the house a little longer sometimes nice doesn’t cut it.

To summarise I was entertained by the episode and I look forward to seeing Speidi take the crown in the final.

By Brad O’Neill