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Basildon Council achieves Customer Service Excellence award

21 Jan Basildon Council achieves Customer Service Excellence award

Basildon Council’s Customer Services department has been awarded the prestigious Customer Service Excellence (CSE) standard.

CSE is the UK’s excellence standard award for customer service delivery. It recognises public or private sector organisations that deliver efficient and effective services and place customers at the heart of service provision.

Councillor Kevin Blake, Deputy Leader of Basildon Council, congratulated the council’s Customer Service staff on their achievement. He said: “Well done to council staff who have worked hard to put the people they serve at the heart of what they do. This award shows that work in delivering excellent customer service has been recognised by experts in the field of customer service and demonstrates how much our staff care about making a real difference to our tenants, residents and to our community in general.

“We know there are areas where we can still do better and we will continue to work with residents to improve further.”

To achieve the award, the council has ensured that CSE principles and practices become fully embedded in Customer Services and the standard of service we provide.

As part of the award assessment process, the CSE Assessor talked to customers and observed our telephonists in the call centre supporting residents and concluded that “there is clear commitment to putting the customers first” and “improving our customer’s experience”.

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